Siddhi Circle


Siddhi Circle is an ‘Ayurvedic Cannabis’ drinking circle. Siddhi Circle offers an immersive 'Ayurvedic Cannabis' drinking ceremony, where Cannabis is prepared according to Ayurvedic and Yogic Principles, resulting in a unique and special preparation known different names such as Siddhi, Vijaya, Bijiya Mata, and Bhang).

This is an opportunity to commune with this plant teacher, known as ‘the Mother Who Gives Knowledge’ in a unique and ancient preparation, fostering a transformative relationship with her. The journey can delve deeply into consciousness, unveiling profound and psychedelic dimensions of experience.

The serving comprises of a mid to higher dose presented as a drink, such as herbal tea or smoothie, tailored to the time, place, and circumstance, including weather conditions. Effects typically manifest 45 minutes to an hour post-consumption, with the experience lasting 4-6 hours, followed by additional hours of 'afterglow'.