Gotu Kola – The Way to Health and Enlightenment

%ข 13, 2024

Gotu Kola – The Way to Health and Enlightenment

There is no doubt that Gotu Kola, or Brahmi, which coincidentally resembles the shape of the human brain, has been used for thousands of years in both ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. It is celebrated and used to enhance cognitive function among its many other medicinal benefits. It is a true healer, and those that use it look forward to a healthy life and indeed, longevity.

Gotu Kola is a stimulant for the brain, but at the same time that it is working on your mental capabilities, it is a veritable ‘adaptogen’, a herb that balances and brings harmony to both mind, body and spirit. If ancient texts are to be believed, one of the great Daoist masters, Li Ching-Yuen, was said to have lived for 256 years, by taking this life-enhancing herb every single day.

Brahmi / Gotu Kola Powder

Gotu Kola is quite tasteless and resembles the parsley plant and can be found in various regions, but its origination was certainly in India and other parts of the Far East, such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Japan. In comparison to some of the other wellness herbs, it is more widely grown throughout the world, including South Africa and parts of the South Pacific. The wetter the area, the more Gotu Kola thrives as this ‘Herb of Enlightenment’.

The inhabitants of these areas use Gotu Kola in many dishes, even in salads. But they are not the only consumers – elephants can be almost always found ingesting this magical herb – perhaps this is why, as the saying goes, ‘elephants never forget’.

Brahmi / Gotu Kola Leaves

What other medicinal benefits are there?

To a certain extent, Gotu Kola could be known as ‘a one-stop shop’ in terms of its medicinal benefits.  Intensive research has shown that this herb can be used for a variety of conditions or illnesses:

  • Enhances cognitive function
  • Mood stabilizer
  • Improves blood quality and circulation
  • Strengthens adrenal glands
  • Improves respiration
  • Heart healthy – protects and restores heart function
  • Helps to heal wounds
  • Heals imbalances of the nervous system, such as stress and anxiety
  • Anti-insomniac

In the principles of Ayurveda, Gotu Kola is seen as a rejuvenative herb which assists the easy transportation of oxygen through the blood stream to all parts of the body. It is an herbal preparation that affects not just the tangible organs, but the mind and the inner spirit.

How do I take Gotu Kola?

Unlike the elephants, who happily roam from tree to tree ingesting the raw herb straight from the plant, in Ayurvedic medicine it is often mixed with a teaspoon of ghee, or imbibed as a tea. Perhaps these four-legged beasts get the best from the raw leaves, as this would be when they are at their freshest and most potent! In the fast-paced Western world, we cannot unfortunately avail ourselves of this facility, but the next best thing is to use our Rest spray, and enjoy this wonderful elixir of health and life itself.