Bhang - A Historic Use for Cannabis

January 01, 2013

Bhang - A Historic Use for Cannabis

From NorthWest Leaf

When most patients think about ancient Cannabis, the farthest many will think back is George Washington with a pipe full of sweet hemp. But Cannabis has actually been used in India and different parts of the Middle East for thousands of years for medicine, spiritual use, and often simply for a relaxing good time.

One of the most popular ways is a delicious concoction called Bhang. In fact, India regulates and authorizes the sale in several of it's states through the form of Bhang shops. Fast forward to 2013 Washington with a medical Cannabis program and Bhang is going to make a comeback.

This is all thanks to a patient named Madhu, who said he spends about half of each year in India. During his travels he discovered the joys of Bhang, and set out to make a product for medical patients stateside.

I’ve lived in India going on 20 years now and I’ve known that Bhang is part of the culture,” Madhu said.

"I've lived in India going on 20 years now and I've known that Bhang is part of the culture," Madhu said. "When I got my MMJ recommendation last year I thought, 'nobody here knows about Bhang.'" That's changing thanks to Siddhi Tonics, the brand name behind his delicious proprietary blend. His product is a little bit different than the different forms offered for use in India, though it is just as effective.

"In India they take it as a paste and mix it into a drink. Imagine a man with an ice cream scoop offering you a giant glob to mix into a drink," Madhu explained. "You've got to be careful... the big globs have serious potency."

To further refine the paste, Madhu cleans and processes the paste into a versatile powder. Nothing from the original style product is left out -- the product is simply easier to apply and keep fresh as a powder, he said.

All the medicine used in the process is grown organically, and Madhu is hoping to eventually come up with a tonic that is made with a high CBD strain. But even without high levels of CBD, Bhang Tonic is still a high quality product.

"The effects of the tonic are very elevating, and leave the user with a clear mind," Madhu said. "In India they recommend practicing an instrument or language while medicated. And it's perfect for daytime use, unlike most medibles on the market."

One of the most interesting parts of the Bhang is that it uses the entire plant, from the stalk down to the leaves, and of course the flower. All the other spices and ingredients are vegan, to boot.

Overall, the taste is reminiscent of Chai massala, though simply labeling it as a Chai beverage is a little to simplistic. There's a proprietary blend of over a dozen spices and herbs, making Chai simply one part of the puzzle. It has an effervescence, a light bubbly quality. The blend uses ancient Ayurvedic, Chinese and Amazonian medicine with known beneficial effects for health, rejuvenation and vitality.

"Overall, this is a quality product from start to finish," Madhu said.

"My biggest goal is to pass this medicine along to the next generation, to get back to a natural way of healing and living."

Siddhi Bhang Tonic

The best part about this product is nearly 100 percent of the medicine is already activated. This means the bhang powder doesn't require heat to provide the medicated effects we want. With 32.72Mg of activated THC/CBD, we recommend new users start with 1/3 of a package. Don't feel it after an hour and a half? Have a half a glass more. But be warned: a full packet can have extremely powerful effects that stack up.