The Synergistic Properties of Shilajit

January 29, 2024

The Synergistic Properties of Shilajit


Millions of years ago, after the ‘Big Bang’, in the once inaccessible area of the Himalayas (mainly India and Tibet), a substance known as Shilajit begun to form, quietly and secretively amongst the rocks and mountains. This secret ingredient was to become a life enhancer, and is now used in dietary supplements in its purest form. Whilst Shilajit is ‘mined’ in other high altitude areas, it is believed that the Himalayan form is the best in the world as it is gathered up to 18,000 feet in the clouds!  


Himalayan Shilajit

Shilajit has been a long time in its creation process – plants and other organic matter had to collect in the crevasses of the rock formations and be compacted by the weight of the mountains and the huge swing in temperatures. These two factors resulted in a mineral mass resembling tar – how many health products do you know that contain over 85 different minerals? Combined with fulvic acid, also contained within the product, it became a dietary miracle for the people of Asia for thousands of years, and now you are able to enjoy its benefits.

This may sound a simple although lengthy process, but so much depends on geographical location – the strength and purity of Shilajit can only be achieved at the right altitude and by careful processing methods. Even more technically, the color of the rock is vitally important – the best Shilajit is found in areas where the rock is a reddish gold hue.

Needless to say, this resin pitch, also known as 'rock sweat', Shilajit is widely used in Ayurvedicpractices, as well as in ancient Chinese medicine.

What is Shilajit used for?

As the minerals are ionic, they are much more easily absorbed into the body. Once in the body, their composition allows the minerals to transit to all parts of the body where they may be needed, thereby encouraging cellular growth, maintenance and regeneration.

shilajit in water


Specifically Shilajit is used for the following medicinal purposes:

  • Promoting the growth of healthy cells, by pushing oxygen and all the nutrients into the cells
  • Enhances energy
  • Helps purify the blood
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps to regenerate cells in the brain and give clarity to the mental process. Whilst not making medical claims, the people of Northern India, Pakistan and Nepal where Shilajit is regularly consumed, have one of the best records for low impact mental degeneration as well as longevity.
  • Detoxification of your system
  • In Ayurveda, Shilajit is used to treat many different illnesses, including arthritis, bone weakness, muscle pain, epilepsy, digestive problems and urinary tract problems, although it is only the lengthy history of this product that enables these claims to be made.  To date, there are no scientific trials to back this up.
  • Again, under Ayurveda principles, Shilajit will bring about spiritual enlightenment, by unblocking the ‘chakra’ points with the heavily increased level of energy.

There are many other benefits that are spoken about, but unless there are scientifically proven reports, we prefer not to make claims, particularly about diabetes and sexual potency. 

shilajit resin

How is Shilajit taken?

Shilajit most often is consumed. It is not a perfect taste, so many people that use it will dissolve it in tea or warm milk. An important factor to note is that it should not be consumed with water containing chlorine – therefore tap water is a serious no-no and this makes it difficult in the Western world. Combined with chlorine, there are potentially some dangerous risks to your health.

This magnificent property is also present in our Shine Herbal Spray , which serves as a herbal mood support.  We use shilajit for it's synergistic properties.

In Ayurveda, shilajit will most commonly be mixed with hot organic milk, raw unpasteurized honey or a spoonful of ghee (clarified butter). In some cases it is also consumed with coconut or sesame oil, depending if you follow the principles of the Ayurveda constitutions of Pitta, Kapha or Vata. If you are an Ayurveda follower, you will know what this means.

Shilajit may also be mixed with other synergistic herbs such as Ashwagandha and Amalaki, in order to maximize the potential of this incredible energizer.

shilajit resin and powder